Rosie is the smiling voice you will hear if you call to make an appointment.

As the management head of the clerical staff, Rosie makes sure that everything runs smoothly at our front desk. Rosie has an excellent understanding of the medical system and is capable of finding an answer to almost any question you might have. She has been with the Center for Primary Healthcare for the past 6 years and enjoys her work here. In addition to being married for 25 years, Rosie is the proud mom to 2 children.

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Staving off Alzheimer’s — More Reasons to Adopt Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits Can Help Prevent Alzheimers

Carol is our administrator at the Center for Primary Healthcare and is a regular contributor to this blog. She is a registered nurse and also holds a masters in public health. I am not afraid to die. I am afraid …

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Meet the Staff

Dr. William Crevier

Dr. William Crevier serves as a physician as well as the President and Medical Director of the Center for Primary Healthcare. He received his medical degree from the University of Chicago and completed his residency at Loyola Medical Center. Dr. …

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