Welcome to Our New Website – Center for Primary Health Care

by Joel

Hello and welcome to the Center for Primary Healthcare’s brand new website! We are really excited about finally bringing our patient’s experience of “going to the doctor” up to speed with the 21st century. We think if we can make your interaction with our office smoother through technology, it will translate into closer and better communication for everyone involved. That way, we can focus on you and your healthcare needs.

Our website has been designed to be as interactive as possible, and you can now accomplish a number of things that before might have required a phone call.

  • Make an appointment from our webpage! Just click the “Make an appointment button” found throughout our website and you can browse through all our open appointment slots and select one.
  • Manage your healthcare through our patient portal! Now, you can request refills, view your health record, and lab and test results through our patient portal. Please talk to a staff member to register for our patient portal.
  • Pay your bill on our website! To pay your bill, simply click the “Make a payment” button found throughout our website. You will be directed to a secure payment page where you can make a payment.
  • Receive your account statements electronically! Instead of being sent a paper statement, you can receive your bill by email! Talk to one of our staff if you would like to set up electronic statements.

There’s a good deal more new on the site as well.  We will be posting more in the coming weeks about how to navigate the website and its different sections, but for now, browse around and explore! We always are looking for feedback too. Let us know if you thought something was particularly helpful or useful in the comments.

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